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No Hair! No Pain!

Get sexy, smooth skin at home with no pain!

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Gentle and pain-free
Professional results without the price tag
Safe for all hair colors and skin tones
Hear from some of our happy customers:

Over 6 Million Sold!

5 Stars

“This product is just what I have been looking for! It is a pain-free hair removal system that is perfect for removing hair in specific areas, quick and easily.”

-Shannon W. Verified Buyer
5 Stars

“Love it! I’ve been using it for two weeks now on my bikini line and under arms. I have very thick dark hair and have to shave almost every day so the results are totally noticeable!”

-Robin Verified Buyer
5 Stars

“Love this product for my arms and face. My face is sensitive to waxing and creme facial hair removing product and this does the trick.”

-Fran B. Verified Buyer
5 Stars

“Should’ve ordered it sooner!”

-Amazon Customer Verified Buyer
Remove unwanted hair safely and effectively

Perfect For:

Perfect for face


Use the narrow tip provided for sensitive areas to safely and quickly remove unwanted peach fuzz for a flawless look.

Perfect for Underarms


Say goodbye to painful razor burn and bumps! With continued use of the no!no!® MICRO, unwanted underarm hair will be a thing of the past without any unnecessary pain.

Perfect for face


Forget the expensive laser treatments and waxing salon visits – get a silky-smooth look from the comfort of your own home. Simply glide the no!no!® MICRO over your arms to instantly remove hair.

And virtually any other areas with unwanted hair!
What’s the secret to no!no!®’s effectiveness?

Patented Thermicon® Technology

no pain

Pain-Free, Gentle Heat

Our patented Thermicon® Technology uses the scientific principles of thermal transference to painlessly target hair below the skin’s surface with heat and slow its regrowth.

no pain

Safe For All Skin Tones

Unlike those costly laser treatments, the no!no!® MICRO is safe to use on all skin tones because it does not target pigment. It can even be used over tattoos!

no pain

Zero Side Effects

Clinical studies have shown no lasting side effects associated with the proper use of the no!no!® technology.

Save time and money!

Are You Ready For Real, Professional Results At Home?

Shaving or Waxing
Unnecessary Pain
Unwanted Hair
Expensive Treatments
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no!no!® Micro

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  • MICRO Device, 1 Large Buffer, 1 Narrow Tip + 1 Wide Tip, Cleaning Brush, User Manual, Charger,  Storage Case
  • Patented Thermicon™ Technology
  • TSA-Friendly & Cordless

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no!no!® Pro

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  • Pro Device, 1 Large Buffer, 1 Narrow Tip + 1 Wide Tip, Cleaning Brush, User Manual, Charger,  Storage Case
  • Patented Thermicon™ Technology
  • TSA-Friendly & Cordless

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Universal Charger

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The proof is in the results

Research has shown that no!no!® reduces hair growth up to 94% when used consistently over several months. Achieve the smooth results you’ve always wanted without the hassle and pain of other professional treatments.

The perfect combination of technology and ease

Now you can hold the key to long-lasting, professional hair removal in the palm of your hand. After the gliding the no!no!® MICRO over your skin, use the included buffer to exfoliate and remove any remaining crystallized hair for a smooth, silky finish.