What is Thermicon?
Long story short, it’s heat.

Our patented Thermicon technology uses the scientific principles of thermal transference (also known as heat) to treat unwanted hair. When gliding your handset along the treatment area, gentle heat attaches to the hair follicle, travels below the skin’s surface and crystalizes it at the root. That “burning” smell you may notice? It means your no!no! is working!


The Thermicon Difference

Thermicon technology, which is ONLY found in the no!no! Hair Removal Treatment System, stands out from the rest and here’s why: 

♦︎ Since Thermicon treats the hair directly at the root, it not only removes hair from the skin's surface but also disrupts cell communication between the root and bulge (the part of the follicle that regenerates hair). This delays regrowth and reduces hair density.

♦︎ Thermicon is a non-invasive and completely pain-free treatment method. There is no pulling, zapping or risk of cuts.
♦︎ Being a heat-based technology, Thermicon is essentially color blind. This means that, unlike other hair-removal treatments, no!no! works on ALL hair colors and skin tones. It’s even safe to use over freckles, birthmarks and tattoos!