What to expect, realistically.

Before starting treatment, it’s important to first understand the life cycle of hair. Each follicle has its own cycle with hair growing out in three phases.

Growth Phase: The hair is “born” attached to the root where it receives nourishment to grow.
Transitional Phase: The fully grown hair breaks away from the root.
Resting Phase: Completely detached from the root, the hair “rests” until it essentially dies and falls out. Once the hair falls out, the follicle begins the cycle again.

Our Thermicon technology specifically targets hair follicles in the Growth Phase. When the hair is crystalized, it will immediately move to the Resting Phase, where it can be easily brushed off with our buffer pad.

Since each follicle has its own life cycle, they will have a different response to treatment. Hair that has already separated from the root may remain on the skin following your session. You can trim these hairs down with a trimmer but we don’t recommend using any other hair-removal  methods between sessions.

Remember, consistency is key.

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